Managing Director, CDL FINESHINE

Mr. Mayur Lakhani

Although we live in a disruptive world, there are several opportunities open to anyone. CDL FINESHINE is a progressive global company leveraging as many opportunities as possible in its business operations. We have developed this business to become a reliable global choice for various local and international clients in need of the best kind of Diamond Jewelry.

With the best infrastructure, resources, and manpower, CDL FINESHINE focuses meeting the needs and requirements of our clients.

We work in observance of standard guidelines and comply with relevant regulations throughout our production process. Since the establishment of this company in 1995, we have been driven by innovation, creativity, reliability, competitiveness, and unmatched quality products and services.

In a world that is constantly changing and challenging, we have embraced innovation and service optimization for sustainable growth. We are driven by principles that have helped us build the company into a Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry manufacturing giant.

Our company has come a long way with great success, and we still have more work to do. Deep appreciation to our clients for the trust they have in us.We are open to more sustainable partnerships as we believe in collaborative effort to sustain our culture of continuous improvement. We will continue breaking through borders and offering better value while upholding corporate responsibility.


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