About us

CDL FINESHINE is the premier Diamonds Jewelry Manufacturing Company that has always been at the forefront of providing quality and genuine Diamond Jewelry to Wholesalers and Retailers worldwide. We are the trusted supplier of Natural Loose Polished Diamonds that are further offered to our clients in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and qualities. At CDL FINESHINE, we firmly believe in offering the finest quality Diamonds and Jewelry combined with best in class services to Jewelers around the globe. We have built long standing relationships with our clients by providing them our products at highly competitive rates.

Our Story

We stepped into the business of trading loose diamonds back in 1995 with a clear vision of offering best quality diamonds at fair market price. Since then, we’ve always been committed to providing business transparency and 100% customer satisfaction. With years of experience behind us, our company has successfully carved a niche for itself and also established a potent and outstanding reputation amongst international diamond dealers.Using Internationally Approved (GIA) system to grade diamonds and High End Craftsmanship following by Strict Quality Control(QC) process, CDL FINESHINE’s collection are loved by the big players of the market

Why CDL FINESHINE should be your choice ?

At CDL FINESHINE, we’re defined by our professional approach, flexibility, precision and high quality

Conflict Free Diamonds

At CDL FINESHINE, we are proud to say our diamonds originate from a conflict free source. We can confidently stand behind this promise to you, because of an industry wide practice called The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The Kimberley Process is an international system established in 2003 to monitor the trade of rough diamonds. 

 100% Natural Diamonds Guaranteed!

Being of the Leading Supplier of Diamonds, we deal only in Natural Diamonds. All our diamonds undergo stringent quality checks and are duly verified by highly qualified and professional laboratory experts. We supply only non-treated original or genuine diamonds to our buyers.

One Stop Diamond Jewelry Solution

CDL FINESHINE is your ‘go to place’ for Diamonds of all SHAPES, SIZES, QUALITIES at a price that is highly reasonable. CDL FINESHINE offers a wide range of cut-polished diamonds in various shapes. Mainly Round Brilliant Cut Size Range- 0.001 Carat to Solitaires Clarity Range- FL to I3 and even down Color Range- White (D-H), Brown (OW1,OW2,TTLB,TLB,DB), Yellow (OW1,OW2,TTLC,TLC,DC) and Other Natural Fancy colors Cut Range- 3X to Fair/Poor(OW1- Off-White1, Off-White2, TTL- Top  Top Light ,TL- Top Light, Light, Dark)

Competitive Price Guarantee!-

We promise to provide our customers with quality Diamond Jewelry at reasonable or competitive prices REGARDLESS THE ORDER SIZE! Since we’re a direct diamond source, we eliminate any middlemen that further enable us in reducing costs and offer the best possible prices to our customers. At CDL FINESHINE, you’ll always get genuine diamonds at factory prices.

Proudly Located in the heart of Surat.. The Diamond City, India.

With Factory in center of Diamond Market in Surat, we are able to control all aspects of your order process in order to guarantee the best quality diamonds have been picked by our experts in order to provide you extreme level of Customer Satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

All diamonds at CDL FINESHINE are graded and sorted by professional and experienced diamond graders using the Internationally Approved(GIA) grading system. If you are ready to bear certification cost and wait for the time until lab issues certificate, we can also provide you certificate along with your purchased Diamond Jewelry. "The facility" is to ensure the quality we provide. However you don't necessarily have to go for certificate option if it affects your budget since we supply "SAME AS PROMISSED QUALITY" whether you ask for certified or non-certified diamonds. 

Global Reach

You can be at any corner of the world but wherever you are, we are just a click away to serve you. What you have to do is just contact us with your requirement so that we can assist you instantly. Fill out "Quote me" or "Contact US" form.

Exceptional Customer service

We differentiate ourselves by assisting our customers in choosing best quality Diamond Jewelry by answering all queries they have. We can be reached by telephone, email or by simply filling contact form on our website.

Just-In-Time Secure Shipping

In house Production Facility allows us to ship the item in time. We offer fast and the best Shipping on all diamonds. All shipments are fully insured and throughout track-able. Customs/Import duties, if any, have to be fulfilled by the customers at their respective countries. Parcels by CDL FINESHINE are shipped via reputed logistic companies such as Brinks,  Malca Amit, and BVC Logistics. We offer our customers with Just-in-time delivery.


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