Why Should You Wear Diamond Nose Piercing Jewelry?

Jewelry highlights a woman’s beauty. While tradition portrays her as delicate and nurturing, such ornaments can give her self-confidence and empowerment. Jewelry is also a valuable fashion statement and expression.

Different cultures around the world promote their brand of jewelry and piercings. It has been the case since the beginning of recorded civilization. Women wore these to make themselves attractive, show their societal status, or conform to special occasions. Other traditions place religious value on jewelry as well.

Likewise, nose piercings adorn the faces of millions of Indian women. Depending on the region and the event, this jewelry ranges from small studs to prominent nose rings. This influence even reached the West.

If you are one of them, you may know that value of this piece rests on its gems and precious stones. The question is, why should you wear diamond nose piercing jewelry?

Diamonds are incredibly precious and exquisite.

Some claim that diamonds get overstated and unjustly priced. But this is far from the truth. Knowing the science behind diamonds helps us appreciate their worth—and why they embody beauty and class.

Carbon is a common element on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. It is present in the air we breathe, our pencils, the fuel of our cars, and plastics. Most importantly, carbon is a building block of life. This element composes tissues, cells, and the genetic code of all living things.

Diamonds also have concentrated carbon but are within the most hostile environments on the planet. Over 145 kilometres below the crust, the Earth’s mantle exerts extremely intense pressure and heat. The temperature there can exceed a thousand degrees Celsius. Rocks there experience 725,000 pounds per square inch (psi). Remember that 50 psi can fatally injure a person.

For millions of years, the carbon atoms there fuse in an almost unbreakable bond. The surviving clumps of this element become diamonds situated within volcanic rocks. These diamonds’  origins make them the most durable and scratch-resistant naturally occurring substance on Earth.

There are trillions of tons of diamonds, but they are too deep to reach. But when accessible diamonds see the light of day, many of them are already tainted. Only a tiny portion of these rocks are worthy of becoming jewelry, while most of them get sent to other industries and productions.

Imagine that these precious rocks—survivors that are hundreds of millions of years old—will adorn your face on nose piercing jewelry!

Diamond nose piercing jewelry is attractive.

This fact needs no explanation. Girls and women can project their femininity on jewelry, including nose piercing. Since India remains a traditional society, they value women’s expression through ornaments. In some regions of the subcontinent, specific nose piercings get worn based on the occasion. Marriage ceremonies are a good example.

Diamonds are one of the most precious and famous stones worldwide. Imagine how fantastic it is if you have one on your nose piercing!

Another appeal of nose piercing jewelry is its flexibility. These ornaments and the diamonds on them can take different styles, shapes, forms, and sizes. Women can choose one based on their personalities, choices, and budget.

Diamond is an indicator of prestige and wealth.

As of 2019, the worldwide diamond industry values around US$79 billion. This staggering amount reflects the worth of this stone from its extraction to the time it is worn.

Diamond has always been a precious stone. Believe it or not, Indians are the first ones to mine diamonds from deposits as old as nine hundred million years.

This rock became a precious commodity in the Silk Road. Ancient people were stunned by the diamond’s resilience, cost, and brilliance. Wealthy and influential people enjoyed having this rock in their ornaments and garments. Poorer folks can afford it used diamonds for cutting or as talismans against diseases and death.

Europe’s elites became engrossed with diamonds during the centuries leading up to the age of colonialization. When the British Empire took India, diamonds were a lucrative resource there. Unfortunately, heavy mining ruined its supply in the subcontinent. The Europeans eventually found plenty of diamonds in Southern Africa.

The history of this precious rock—from legitimate trade to enchantment to brutal imperialism—shows the influence of diamonds until our time.

Yes, diamonds can be expensive, but they are worth the price. Having nose piercing jewelry with this rock still resonates power and wealth.

And if you are a man reading this, giving diamond ornaments to your mother, female loved ones, or wife shows how much you value them. After all, the word diamond came from the Greek word for “invincible.” Diamonds can serve as material proof of your unshakeable love for them.

If you are a Hindu, nose piercing has religious and medical meanings.

The Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest health manuals. This system is integral to Hinduism, centred on the balance between the soul, the mind, and the body.

Many Indian women wear nose piercing jewelry because of tradition. The Ayurveda states that having one can make injuries and diseases heal much quicker. Furthermore, adherents believe it can lessen menstrual pain and increase fertility since the left nostril relates to reproduction.

In some eastern regions of India, women believe that their exhalations can influence their husbands’ health. The nose piercing, in their belief, can filter the air they exhale to keep their spouses safe.

If you have the same religion, belief, or tradition, you should wear nose piercing jewelry, too.           

The perception in the West about nose jewelry is changing.           

Many people outside India and the Middle East consider nose piercings as rebellious, informal, and bizarre. After all, this fashion trend relates to pro-Eastern hippies in the ‘60s. This belief prompts some schools in Europe and the United States to forbid nose jewelry.

But currently, as celebrities and icons wear nose piercings, this type of jewelry has become accepted. Many people also become sensitive to cultural differences, and approving nose jewelry is a part of that acceptance.

If you are outside India but want to wear diamond nose jewelry, this is a terrific idea!

In conclusion

You should wear diamond nose piercing jewelry because its stone is precious, attractive, and exclusive. Diamonds are a symbol of elegance and wealth—a good match for your beauty. Perhaps, wearing one harmonizes with your faith.

As society becomes more tolerant, this is the best time to experiment with nose jewelry topped with a beautiful diamond.