What is the rarest Diamond Color in the world?

Diamonds are a standout amongst the most loved gemstones. Regardless of basic conviction, these precious stones are not uncommon. This does not imply that all the diamonds are ordinary. Traces of different minerals create extravagant hued Loose Diamonds, some of which are exceedingly uncommon and are worth huge amount. A lot of these colors convey conventional implications, making them capable increments to wedding bands and other rare gems.

Precious stones come in various hues, not only the basic, white color or rather without any color. You can easily find these glittery Loose Diamond Gems in, yellow, red, and pink, blue, green and numerous shades in the middle. But the question arises, which color is the rarest and comes in the market with the highest price tag?

  • Rarest Diamond Color

The diamonds in any one place in the world have a specific color and their mines will spend significant time in creating. You may discover yellow and the deep brown diamonds in Africa, alongside the drab "white" loose diamonds. But, which of the diamonds are the rarest of all?

Inside the universe of precious colored stones which incorporate red, green, blue, pink, purple, orange and yellow, the rarest diamond color is the precious red diamond stones. How rare are red diamonds? It is unusual to find a red stone, till today fewer than 30 diamonds on the planet have ever been ensured by the Gemological Institute of America as being extravagant red.

The main reason behind the red color is still not appropriately identified. Few say it is basically because of the fault in the carbon structure of the diamond while other says it is because of color graining. No matter what causes the diamond to be red in color, it is the dream of Diamond Dealers to collect this Loose Diamond of red color.

Most common Red Diamonds Are:

  1. The Mousaieff Red, also called The Red Shield, weighs a little more than five carats and is the biggest known natural red diamond on the planet.
  2. Another famous red rare diamond name is the Hancock Red which weighs 0.95 carats.

Exploring the diamond stores and the presentations of the diamond dealers for the ideal gem is frequently overpowering. Especially if you have your heart set on a particular color or you are searching for the red shading "Loose Diamond" that is the rarest of the considerable number of hues.