Pieces of jewelry made of rose-cut diamond you should add to your wedding gifting list

Pieces of jewelry made of rose-cut diamond you should add to your wedding gifting list


Wedding gifting is an integral part of any culture. It is a chance for friends and families to show their support, love, and happiness towards the newlyweds. When it comes to a wedding gift for close family members or friends, no one can go wrong with a diamond piece of jewelry — rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and studs. 


The diamond jewelry prices depend on their cuts. The brilliant-cut diamonds are considered one of the most pricey diamonds, while the rose-cut diamonds are more affordable. Somewhere in between falls the antique cut diamonds.


As the cut is transparent, the rose-cut diamond clarity is essential. The rose-cut diamonds resemble the sprawling petals of a rose flower, and it has a flat base and domed top covered in triangle facets. The rose-cut diamonds contained 24 facets, and they can be cut in various shapes such as hexagon, square, oval, round, and many more. Opting for rose-cut diamond jewelry with good clarity rather than the color grade will significantly impact its beauty.


These pieces of rose-cut jewelry are best for the wedding gift


  1. Victorian three-stone rose-cut diamond ring


Georgian Style Three Stone Rose Cut Diamond Ring for Women


  • The Victorian ring design dates back to 1880, a rare design, placed in a row with rose-cut diamond and set in a 14 karat of yellow gold with detailed engraving. It can be paired with any other jewelry or stacked with other rings. The open structure at the back of the ring makes way for the light to come through and create a gorgeous sparkle. 


  1. Rose-cut white diamond cuff bangle/bracelet



  • Bangles/bracelets are one of the minimal pieces of jewelry serving on women’s wrists eternally. The rose-cut white diamond cuff bangle/bracelet designs are versatile and can be worn to complement any outfit. 


  1. Rose-cut diamond pendant


Rose Cut Diamond Heart Shape Pendant


  • The rose-cut diamond pendant is a timeless piece that complements any look, traditional or western. One of the classic finest wedding gifts for women of any age. The pendant and the shape of rose-cut diamond style make it a versatile necklace that assembles the illusion of diamonds elegantly floating around the neck.


  1. Rose-cut diamond earrings 


Rose Cut Diamond Earrings


  • A rose-cut diamond earring is another perfect wedding gift. Rose cut diamond earrings with black, white, champagne, and rustic colors in traditional ovals, hexagon, kites, and round shapes can be the best options. 
  • If one has a little more budget, one can choose a rose-cut diamond complete set with a necklace, earrings, bracelet/bangles, nose pin, and maang-tikka. It can be worn as a set or individual, the sparkle will complement any look.


Final thoughts about Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry


  • The rose-cut diamond was popular around the 1700s, during the Georgian Period. However, it emerged as an antique alternative to traditional diamond cuts as rose-cut diamonds were invented before electricity. The main aim of crafting the rose-cut is to spark it under candlelight.
  • Our in-house master diamond artisans at CDL Fineshine carefully designed each piece of jewelry by hand-cut and drilling equally narrow holes into each round. Precisely positioned each diamond with great detail. In addition, we ensure that the reflection of light adds charms to the jewelry.