5 Marquise Diamond Necklaces Set for Every Occasion

Five marquise diamond necklaces set for every occasion


  • Intense pressure and extreme heat turn carbon into the most desirable gemstone on the face of the earth, not to mention the hardest too — the diamonds. They exude luxury, nobility, and sophistication, which builds the best in people and highlights beauty.


  • The marquise-cut diamond is full of history and authenticity. Details are not lacking, and fifty-eight pointed facets shape a diamond into a navette-like shape (translates as a little ship in English). A marquise-cut diamond is altered partially as a brilliant cut with two points at each end. 


  • A marquise-cut diamond looks vintage, traditional, and especially rare, even though it’s been around for centuries. Marquise cut diamonds are also called eye-shaped diamonds or boat-shaped.


  • Marquise cut diamonds refer to the lips of the beautiful and intelligent Madame — or Marquise — de Pompadour, a cut specially requested by her then-lover, the French King Louis XV, from a jeweler. The power of such a stone, under an effective cut, can illuminate any neck.


The five marquise diamond necklaces set are the best choice for every occasion:

  1. Marquise Diamond choker

    • It is a favored accessory among divas — chokers; it does not leave anything desired. This ornament has been growing in the fashion world in recent times with significant weight and will not go to the ranking of prominence so soon.
    • It adds a youthful, fresh, and very feminine look, and above all, it is perfect for any occasion. Moreover, it is the ideal combination with a marquise diamond; the presence of just one diamond in this cut is enough to look dazzling to the naked eye.
  1. Marquise Diamond Princess

    • A marquise diamond Princess necklace perfectly fits an authentic princess look. The design is more flexible than the choker. Larger stones can be introduced from this stage onwards. Marquise Diamond Princess's design is loaded with elegance and sophistication, and the marquise cut is the perfect vintage touch to implement efficiency on any occasion.


  1. Marquise Diamond Matinee

    • Marquise diamond matinee is slightly longer and more liberal than princess design. Matinee has a more classic, simplified, and more comfortable length, perfect for everyday wear. Marquise-cut diamonds add formality, even if they don’t stray from a more youthful appearance. A marquise diamond matinee can appear in different styles.


  1. Marquise Diamond Opera

    • Marquise diamond opera design is more relaxed, liberal, and casual. We can mix marquise diamonds with other materials, such as pearls or other stones with the same cut, but maintaining simplicity and consistency does not limit the result. Marquise diamonds opera design show casualness and enlightenment without leaving aside the elegance and diversity of choices in the look.


  1. Marquise Diamond Rope

    • The rope can be transformed into a choker, princess, and even matinee; in this way, there are several mold options for each occasion. In addition, the composition can be lighter, adding other elements to the marquise diamonds. As a result, it looks beautiful, formal, and more versatile, perfect for any occasion, even office wear.


Final Thoughts

  • Each of these necklaces has what it takes to add extra sparkle, whether on occasions such as graduations, weddings, ceremonies, outings with friends, or even going for a solitary cup of coffee at a cafe. 
  • The necklaces are sophisticated, lightweight, and above all, they carry the originality of a diamond with a cut as historic as the marquise, making the piece more alive and pleasant to wear. 
  • The marquise diamond can be combined in different styles, shapes, or lengths and compose pleated necklaces. It carries a modern air rich in charm and delicacy—a vast array of wonders in one piece.