Create a Scintillating Look With These Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Bands

Create a Scintillating Look With These Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Bands


Diamonds never go out of style, and an emerald-cut diamond is a perfect thing to have. It is a stunningly classic diamond cut with flawless diamond clarity and superb artistry. Emerald cut wedding bands are perfect for adding flawless beauty to a wedding band, or you can also use them to make a stunning engagement ring.


Emerald cut diamond is a beautiful cut that looks like a large table at the top and an in-depth canopy shape at the bottom. It is also called a step cut, and it has 58 total facets. The parallel facets rows available on the top and bottom of the diamond are similar to steps; it helps make an appealing and stunning hall of mirrors effect.


There are some essential details that one should look attentive to while considering purchasing a perfect emerald cut wedding ring:


  1. Color
  • According to the standards of the Gemological Institute of America, better known as GIA, there are various classifications of a D to Z color scale. “D” color grade is a washed-out diamond, while the “Z” color grade diamond is subtle-colored.
  • Colorless diamond's color grades are - D, E, and F, and the differences can be hard to find for an average person.
  • G, H, I, and J color grades are used to classify almost-colorless diamonds. These diamonds have slight traces of color while making. These color grades mix well with a platinum or white gold setting, and it helps prevent any traces of color available on the diamond.
  • D to J color grade diamonds are the best buy for an emerald-cut diamond. Many people do pick a diamond in the G to J range as well, depending upon their choice. The emerald cuts show clarity, slight color in this cut can be virtually undetectable.


  1. Clarity
  • The elongated lines of the emerald cut are not helpful to hide imperfections that help get the clarity of a diamond. However, it is an essential factor to consider when looking to buy an emerald-cut wedding band.
  • It would be best to choose VS2 clarity or higher to get a perfect emerald-cut diamond. It helps to get an eye-clean diamond. Choosing higher clarity means you will get better results. In addition, higher clarity can be helpful to avoid any visible imperfections in a diamond.


  1. Ratio
  • To find a perfect ratio, one can divide the length by width. Mostly, emerald-cut diamonds come in a rectangular shape, and they have a ratio of 1.3 and 1.5. However, the most common emerald cut diamond ratio is 1.30:1. Having a higher ratio means the more elongated emerald cut. The lower ratio denotes the more square the diamond will be in shape.


Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Popular?

Emerald cut diamonds have become popular in recent times as people are looking beyond the classic old-school round diamond shape. Emerald cut diamonds are a rare and distinctive choice among customers. This diamond looks gorgeous and grabs attention. The emerald cut diamonds gained popularity after being the favorite pick among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Amal Clooney, and Beyonce.


Final Thoughts

  • Emerald-cut diamonds are more prominent because of their top surface. The top surface of an emerald cut diamond looks more significant than a round cut diamond though both of the diamond cut diamonds have the same carat weight.
  • When you compare a 1-carat round cut diamond with a 1-carat emerald-cut diamond, you will find that the emerald cut looks bigger. Thus, an Emerald cut wedding ring is a perfect pick for those who are looking for an exquisite touch.