Why should you choose a Baguette cut diamond engagement ring?

No matter in which era you live or which region you belong to, Diamond has always been a charisma. Out of all, diamonds are the most treasured gemstones on the planet. There are various shapes of a diamond — cushion cut, round cut, emerald cut, but not many are familiar with a baguette-cut diamond.


What is Baguette Cut Diamond?


Baguette is of French origin, meaning a thin and long French loaf. The baguette-cut diamond shape looks similar to the French Loaf, a slim, long rectangular shape cut with 14 facets.

Many have confused baguette-cut diamonds with the emerald cut as if you look from afar, both cuts look similar, but in reality, there are 50–58 facets in an emerald cut. In comparison, there are only 14 facets in baguette-cut diamonds. In addition to this, baguette-cut diamonds are thinner and extended with a slightly narrow shape than the emerald cuts.

Baguette stone was introduced as jewelry during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era, early 20th century because of its functionality — lightweight as it demands fewer cuts than other shapes of the diamonds. Therefore, it makes each cut in a baguette stone more significant and precise.

Baguette-cut diamonds are often utilized as accent stones, and a centerpiece as the cuts are precisely thin and add the charm of any other diamond shape or match the hue of the center stone.


Why should you choose a Baguette cut diamond engagement ring?


Baguette-cut diamond is precisely one of the unique stones that looks uncluttered and elegant. Therefore, baguette-cut diamond rings are often considered women most favored by women, as they look stunning, the shine of fire and light.

Engagement symbolizes long-term love and commitment. A diamond has become a universal symbol of love, and a baguette-cut diamond is an excellent choice for a ravishing engagement ring.

Here are the best baguette-cut diamonds engagement ring styles to choose from:

  1. The three-stone baguette-cut diamond ring
    • The oldest and most picked engagement ring is the three-stone baguette diamond ring, which can be set on each side of the center diamond or gemstone — emerald, cushion, round, princess, pear, oval, square radiant, heart, and asscher. This design looks pretty with any outfit.


  1. The channel-set baguette-cut diamond ring
    • The most sought diamond ring with the setting in platinum and the baguette-cut diamond sides. This ring offers a timeless style with a petite silhouette look.


  1. The evergreen vintage hexagon shape baguette-cut diamond ring
    • One of the most luxurious baguette diamonds, gracefully pavé-set aesthetic engagement ring of hexagon shape as it shone into the center of the stone. The hexagon or engagement rings are ideal for standing out and portraying a strong individuality.


  1. The ballerina halo baguette-cut diamond ring
    • The baguette ballerina halo diamond ring is one of the costliest but drop-down exquisite rings. However, it does take immense time and precision to design this ring.


Final Thoughts about Baguette Cut Diamond Ring


A baguette-cut diamond is elegant yet clear when paired with any stone or diamond shape. A perfect accent of modern, contemporary, and vintage. A recollection of the Art Deco era while adding minimalism. In addition to this, baguette-cut diamonds are more affordable than any other diamond cut.