Black Diamond Jewelry

Since centuries, black diamond jewelry has been considered a priceless treasure. Because of their dark hue, black diamonds possess a unique, attractive appearance which sets them apart form other gemstones. Black diamonds also tend to be paired with lighter metals like white gold and platinum, helping to accentuate the brilliant color of this stone. There are different levels of inclusions which can be present in a diamond, ranging from a few grams to thousands of grams or even millions of grams. Because of the inclusions, diamonds which are colored can also be quite expensive.


Since black diamond jewelry is more expensive than most colored gemstones, it is best to buy it from reputable jewelers who treat the stones carefully. This way, you can ensure that you are getting an original piece rather than some cheap knock-off. Some jewelry stores sell their items without meeting the standards set by the Jewelers Association of America (IDA). Some sellers may claim to sell treated or natural diamonds, but they are actually selling synthetic counterparts which lack the benefits and features of natural diamonds.


The good thing about shopping for diamond jewelry using the internet is that you can easily compare prices from several jewelers. You can also find certified documents regarding the source of your diamond. It is important to purchase your ring at a local jeweller so you can see the stone first hand. It is a good idea to check out photos of black diamond jewelry set on white gold engagement rings. You will surely want to get your hands on one of these rings so you can wear it for a wedding or any occasion where you will be wearing white gold. It will make your fiancee look great and it will also make you look good too!


If you have decided that a black diamond jewelry is the perfect choice for your engagement ring setting then you need to know more information about the four Cs. These are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Basically, the more color there is in the stone, the more rare it is. The best diamonds, as well as the most rare, are black. Black diamonds can be used in any type of engagement ring setting, but the traditional round white gold solitaire setting is probably your best bet. This setting has a round brilliant cut to it, which is very unique and gives this type of gemstone a whole new dimension.


When shopping for inclusions, you need to look at the four Cs as well as the quality of the diamonds. Diamonds that are color enhanced are very rare. There are thousands of diamonds with natural black color that have inclusions. When shopping for natural black diamonds, you have to be extremely careful because almost no two diamonds are alike. The rareness of inclusions depends on how big the diamond is and also on how many other minerals have been included in the mix. Larger diamonds tend to have fewer inclusions than smaller ones, but even the smallest diamonds can have problems with inclusions.


The other thing that you should keep in mind is the cut of the black diamond jewelry. Most people are confused by the "mohs scale" which measures the carat weight. The scale uses one scale that is referred to as "C" for clear carat weight and another scale that is referred to as "D" for cut. The diamond that has the maximum amount of flawless, or "C" carat weight will be listed as "A" on the carat weight scale. The grade D carat weight means that there are imperfections in the diamond but none that affect the stone's ability to sparkle.


The best quality black diamond jewelry is made from the gems found at the four corners of Africa. These stones are called the African Black Diamonds or the African Colored Diamonds. The reason that these gems are so rare is because they require the most extreme preparation. Most jewelry stores cannot afford to transport these large gems so they are only sold to accredited retailers around the world. Some of these retailers have authorized ushers that wear the proper clothing to present these stones to customers. When you buy this type of black diamond jewelry you can be sure that you are getting a very rare gem that is as brilliant as a traditional colorless diamond.


Now that you know all of these facts you may want to begin shopping for some of these beautiful rare pieces of jewelry. Many people still prefer the traditional colorless diamond ring but there are many more options out there. If you want to wear colored diamond earrings then you can find many different styles and cuts that will go well with your favorite outfits. These earrings can really add some accent to your evening dress and will make you stand out in a crowd. Now that you know all of these facts about these famous black diamonds, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for and you will love all of the different styles and cuts that are available.