Best VVS Diamonds Jewelry for Unisex

Best VVS Diamonds Jewelry for Unisex


  • Natural diamonds contain imperfections, such as air bubbles or some fractures. Very Very Slightly included — VVS diamonds are free of these characteristics. It’s flawless with few points included; therefore, it is the highest grade of the diamond and falls under one of the most expensive diamond categories. 
  • VVS is subdivided into two groups: VVS1 and VVS2, related to the position of the inclusions. Although the VVS is very close to perfection, they have only a few microscopic inclusions, and even under 10x magnification, the inclusions are identifiable.
  • With such clarity and delicacy, such diamonds certainly have a high value in the market. However, due to the difficulty of finding diamonds with no flaws, they are also scarce and, in a way, exclusive.
  • Although VVS diamonds are expensive, they are significantly cheaper than flawless diamonds. The crowning stroke is that VVS diamonds are visually identical to perfect diamonds; it is ideal to own a high-quality diamond without the exorbitant price.


Best vvs diamonds jewelery for unisex


  1. Tennis VVS diamond necklace

    • A Tennis VVS diamond necklace is an element that will make the eyes of the beholders tear up. It is perfect for brightening up formal looks, it’s also authentic enough to go with any look, but VVS diamonds are exclusive; therefore, adding the piece to the garment for essential occasions is ideal. Its design is simple, delicate, and light, although it contains many details. This necklace is fit for a diva or a gentleman.
    • In this style, we can also find the possibility of enclosing VVS diamonds with quality silver, yellow gold, or ― the option that is gaining more preference ― white gold. White gold and VVS diamond are a mixture that promises and delivers shine, confidence, and class, is also the most found in unisex options.


  1. VVS diamond rings

    • The addition of VVS diamonds in a ring results in a dazzling accessory for everyone. The VVS diamond rings are a popular trend these days in many environments. The universality of the VVS diamond rings highlights glamor, richness, and inclusivity.
    • The quality of the stones is a factor that contributes to greater ease of purchase; as they are visually clean, they can be analyzed visually and distinguished from other grades. In addition, VVS diamond rings extol power in both genders, an accessory worthy of a king and queen.


  1. VVS diamond earrings and studs

    • VVS diamond earrings and studs in white gold are an excellent choice and perfect for everyday wear. The youth more favors white gold as 14k white gold contains pure gold of 58%. 
    • Best vvs diamond earrings to buy— crafted in 14k white gold, pear-cut custom stones with sparkling diamonds, or stud earrings with a princess-cut center can be added to a set of round/baguette-cut diamonds.


Final Thoughts

  • It is undeniable how much difference the VVS diamond jewelry model can make, and the fact that women and men can use it shows that power can indeed be shared, albeit not reduced.
  • There’s so much to learn from this necklace that promises to influence future generations, so better grab a glass of wine, sit back and watch the roulette wheels spin; of course, well aware of the VVS diamond-studded string around your neck.