7 Ideas to Personalise Initials of Your Love With Wedding Bands


“I promise to love you forever in this life and wherever we go in the afterlife because I know I can’t go on in any life unless you’re in it too.”

J.A. Redmerski


Promises are to be kept forever, and to make it evident; wedding band jewelry is the best way. These extra special pieces of jewelry symbolize never-ending love and commitment that you both will wear on your finger forever.

Bands are fine, but how can you make your bands unique? Narrowing down your list of diamond wedding bands for women may not always help.

However, there is a solution, i.e., customization. You can make these diamond jewelry pieces totally one of a kind by following the ideas given by our experts from CDL Fineshine. Being one of the finest diamond jewelry manufacturers in Surat, we will help you choose the best available design or personalize one that matches your beloved’s dreams.

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We list seven amazing ideas to make your partner fall in love with you more.

So, here are some of them –

The Date You First Saw Her

Well, we know men are not good at remembering dates, and if you are one of them who wants to remember the date you first saw her, engrave it on the band. Trust us, man, it would be a beautiful moment for her to wear an engagement or wedding band with the date printed inside it. It will be a very romantic gesture that her man knows the exact day and year when she first stood before him, which is also a great memory to keep. 

Also, you can go for other special dates like your first kiss, first anniversary, or first date with her. To make it unique, you can ask your jeweler to customize the wedding band with different fonts like Roman numerals or traditional. 

Yours & Her Fingerprints

The latest trend is to engrave diamond wedding bands for women with fingerprints. Now, you may be thinking, is this possible? The answer is simple Yes, with the help of laser engraving. It is a procedure of carving jewelry with a laser beam where you can transform anything into black carbon.

If you want to surprise her, you just have to secretly take an impression of her finger and send it to CDL Fineshine to engrave it on the wedding bands. It's a beautiful way to tell her you love her. Also, you can select where you would like to have ‘your and hers' fingerprints engraved on your wedding band. 

Note - Remember that the width of the ring should be at least 3mm or more so that the fingerprints can be visible.

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Initials Of Your Names

If you want something simple but symbolic, then the initials of your name will do the work for you. To add an extra touch of style, try selecting a font that captures the essence of both your personalities. Alternatively, you can have the engraving done in your handwriting, which adds a deeper personal touch that truly reflects the essence of both of you.

To get it done, contact CDL Fineshine and share the design that you want our team to create for you. Also, you can ask for other custom hip-hop pendants if you are a fan of it; we can even engrave your name in a hip-hop style. 

Symbols Of Love

Customization of diamond wedding bands for women is not only limited to initials, fingerprints, and dates, there are other beautiful ways. One of them is love symbols, which can be engraved on the inside of your diamond ring. 

You can choose a symbol that reflects your love story, an animal, a special nickname, or an emoticon you love. Use your imagination and pick a symbol that has a special significance to both of you.

A Special Place

They say every couple has at least one special place where they spend memorable moments, date nights, and even their first date. Now, you don’t have to tell her how much you love her because she can feel it with your surprise.

Instead of just a plain diamond wedding band, when you customize it with the location’s name, geographical coordinates, or even a custom drawing of where the two of you met or fell in love, she’ll be mesmerized by your love for her. This way, you can always carry the memory and feeling of that special place wherever you go, right on your ring.

Song Lyrics That Remind You Of Her

Music is the best way to express your feelings towards your loved ones. Choose a song that you want to dedicate to her, or you both hum together. This is a very sweet way that you both will love because it is personalized and meant only for her.

For example, if the song is named ‘All of Me,’ you can ask your jeweler to engrave the song’s initial lyrics. It'll be an amazing gift for your bride, which she will always wear with love. Also, if you want, you can add a hidden gemstone or diamond inside the ring to make it unique.

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A Special Message On Stack Of Diamond Rings

Women can never stop loving diamonds; of course, it's a great investment. Along with the wedding band, which has a special message like 'Happily Ever After,' you can also add some more rings to her collection. 

Like an anniversary gift, you can add a 'Forever Yours' message, or when welcoming children into your family, you can add an ‘I love you’ message that always works. If you want to make it unique or add a romantic touch, you can consider engraving these phrases in French, Italian, or Latin. But remember that these additional bands must match her original wedding bands. 

At Last!

Customizing your diamond wedding bands for women lets you share glimpses of memories with her forever. However, personalizing wedding bands with unique ideas is a significant decision, so take your time, explore different options, and choose a design that reflects your love for her. 

At CDL Fineshine you can get all the diamond wedding bands, custom hip-hop pendants, and other diamond accessories with no hidden charges. You just have to pay for your ring's design, desired metal, and size. 

Also, we provide you with the best service along with on-time shipping without absolutely zero bargains on the quality of diamond pieces.

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