Diamonds adorn a woman's body with absolute grace. It steals the limelight of other jewels and, for a reason, is one of the most charming jewels on the surface of Earth. The classy gem is birthed in the core of Earth, enduring all the pressure to reach finesse. It captures the essence of beauty and shines brightly after undergoing various processes. 


Diamonds are a language of love- not just a forever-promised kind of love but also self-love. Who said only a man could propose to you with a diamond ring? You can curate or buy earrings, nose studs, rings, and necklaces from this precious jewel. Well, it’s high time to break the stereotypes and love the most sacred gemstone of all time: a diamond. 

The timeless beauty of this adorable jewel has never been reduced. It keeps getting more beautiful and shinier under the stud. So what are some diamonds that will make you look magnificent? Well, let’s look, but before that, read more about the ancient love story of diamonds

A Wise Old Lady Said “Diamonds Are A Woman's Best Friend”

Let me narrate how diamonds became a woman’s best friend! It goes back to 1477 when Archduke Maximilian Of Austria wanted to propose to the love of his life. He was searching for a jewel that reflected his love for her like a mirror reflects an image. He ordered an engagement ring made of diamond, an unbreakable gem just like his love for her. A resilient stone as beautiful and enduring as his passion was made. Mesmerised by the jewel's beauty, she declared it a symbol of their love.

Make Your Fingers Look Extravagantly Beautiful With A Diamond Ring

Nothing can beat the look of a diamond ring on your finger. Wear a stunning diamond ring on your finger to elevate the look of your finger. 

But which one is the best? Hip-hop diamond rings are the perfect blend of extravagance and minimalism. It defines the 4C’s clearly-Color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. 

The colour of the diamond ranges from D-Z. D is completely colourless, and Z is light yellow or light brown. Clarity is graded on the scale of inclusions and irregularities. The cut in the diamond defines its quality. It tells you all about how the diamond interacts with the light. The carat weight, just like the name suggests, is the size of the diamond-the bigger the diamond, the more valuable. 

Hip Hop diamond rings are not just the best in quality but also the best in style. Wear them around your fingers and look drop-dead gorgeous. 

A diamond around the nose can make your face shine!

Adding a diamond to your already beautiful face will only enhance the beauty of your looks. A minimalistic yet classy jewel will make you look elegant and beautiful. Diamonds have adorned many women's faces since ancient times; don’t forget they are exquisite and the most precious jewels of all time. 

Nose piercing has become a  fashion, with various celebs piercing their nose and defining their style. If you wish to do the same, there is nothing better than getting a diamond nose ring. You can buy the best nose stud from CDL, which has an exclusive collection of the most attractive jewels and precious pieces.  Diamonds are an indication of power and wealth and are worth the price. 

Choose a diamond nose ring that

  • Elevates your personality 
  • Fits you well
  • It has superb nose setting
  • Sparkles beautifully
  • It is a good-quality diamond
  • Crafted for your face
  • Enhances your beauty 

If you think a nose pin is too ethnic and will not go well with your party dresses, who said that? Accessorising is one of the most important parts of dressing up for a party. One can never go wrong with a diamond nose ring. Various nose rings are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the best. 

Elevate the Beauty of Your Neckline With a Diamond Chain

Some people think diamond chains are less versatile than gold or silver might be! Well, diamonds are the most versatile jewels of them all. Do you ever wonder, “What should I wear on top of this pretty dress?” This is when you pull out your diamond chain and wear it with pride. 

From the fanciest dinner to the extravagant wedding, you can proudly wear your diamond. It can make your simple outfit look the prettiest. You can elevate your look to the next level with minimum effort and just putting around a diamond necklace.

Diamond necklaces are an eye-catching addiction. Choosing a diamond necklace will work in your favor if you wish to make the head turns wherever you enter. If you select the right necklace, you won’t regret it. By buying a necklace with a delicate design and a look so versatile that it goes well with all outfits, you won’t ever feel uncomfortable. 

The best neckpiece over time has been hip-hop diamond chains. They are versatile, stylish, and extraordinarily gorgeous. So if you ever wish to buy a diamond neckpiece, you know which one to look for!

Shop The Best Diamonds From CDL

If you are impressed by the three diamond rings you can wear around your finger, neck & nose and wish to buy, here’s the deal. Shopping for the best diamonds comes from a place that has built over the public's trust for many years. The CDL offers variety, versatility, and unique diamond pieces. You name it, and they have it. 

Buying from a trusted shop and adorning the beautiful piece of Art by wearing it will be the true acknowledgement of the jewel. 


Diamonds are your best friend, so don’t forget to keep them close. If you plan to buy diamonds, don’t forget to invest in hip-hop diamond rings, nose rings, and hip-hop diamond necklaces. Wear diamond accessories and ace the look with this beautiful jewel.