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How to Properly Judge and Choose a Diamond

Diamonds are especially renowned for their beauty, and their exorbitant price turn diamonds into one of the most highly sought-after and valuable commodity compared to other types of jewelry. Well, in spite of the high price, it doesn’t deter any diamond lover everywhere to spend a considerable amount just to have it. In total, the annual market value of diamonds can reach up to billions, if not millions of dollars. However, not all diamonds come at a high price, as there are also diamonds that come at a relatively affordable price. Choosing a diamond is not an easy matter, because......

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What is the rarest Diamond Color in the world?

Diamonds are a standout amongst the most loved gemstones. Regardless of basic conviction, these precious stones are not uncommon. This does not imply that all the diamonds are ordinary. Traces of different minerals create extravagant hued Loose Diamonds, some of which are exceedingly uncommon and are worth huge amount. A lot of these colors convey conventional implications, making them capable increments to wedding bands and other rare gems. Precious stones come in various hues, not only the basic, white color or rather without any color. You can easily find these glittery Loose Diamond Gems in, yellow, red, and pink, blue,......

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Top 4 Reasons Why Loose Diamonds Are A Great Investment?

2017 is gone and we are now past all the pertinent diamond and jewelry auctions of this year. The result of these auctions is the successful sale of several considerable diamonds during these past 12 months.Even though, gold is still one of the most favorite investments for the majority of people, in recent years, a surge of interest towards investing in loose diamonds has been noticed. There always arises the question of how loose diamonds can be a great investment? Therefore, below are four good and apt reasons to support this statement- Portable Wealth – Not everybody trusts banks, especially......

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